Enrico Dietz

production manager
Brief info

Enrico ist seit 2008 bei Pyramid. Nach rund 13 Jahren Berufserfahrung in der Qualitätssicherung stellt er sich neuen Herausforderungen. Als Produktionsleiter am Standort Ichtershausen (Thüringen) koordiniert er seit Oktober 2021 die Abläufe sämtlicher Produktionsabteilungen wie der Montage und der Installation.

How long have you been on board with Pyramid?

I have been part of the Pyramid team since 2008. I started as a quality management employee. In this position, I was able to live out my interest in computers on a daily basis by inspecting ready-to-ship devices in detail and even switching them on. Even after several years, this still gave me a lot of pleasure. Finally, at the end of 2021, I got the chance to join as production manager. The challenge appeals to me and I want to develop further.


What made you decide to pursue a career in IT?

I got my first own computer, a Commodore 64, from my parents at the age of 6. From the beginning, I was fascinated by technology. Although I spent most of my time playing on the machine, as the years went by I felt my way forward bit by bit.

Later, I got my second computer. It had an Intel Pentium CPU and it ran Microsoft DOS and Windows 95. I was able to use the computer for many of my hobbies: Listening to and making music, playing games, creating graphics – just being creative. That’s what made me decide to go into the IT industry.


How did you become aware of Pyramid back then?

After my community service in 2007, I heard about a job offer at Pyramid through a private employment agency. At first, I was skeptical about it. Ichtershausen?! Where is that? Is that even in Thuringia?

Today, I’m glad I said “yes.” Because I realized after just a few days how well my vocational training as an IT specialist in the field of systems integration fit this position.


What does your workday look like?

Actually, I never really know in the morning. Of course, I have daily routines, have a bunch of conversations and always have watchful eyes and ears. Our diverse and constantly evolving product range always brings new challenges and tasks to master. But I feel well prepared: After all, I have fantastic colleagues. Together we form a really strong team and solve every problem.


Have you learned anything about yourself during your time at Pyramid?

Yes! Whenever I thought nothing could surprise me at work anymore, Pyramid comes up with new technology that amazes me. In the beginning, we produced mostly 1U and 2U servers and tower PCs. Later, we added unusual appliances that were customized for very specific purposes. Today, we produce complex kiosk systems that can be found in large fast food restaurants and supermarket chains, enabling self-service!

Through Pyramid, I learned that there is no standing still. This has benefited and continues to benefit my personal development.


Please describe Pyramid in a nutshell!

Pyramid is as loyal to me as an employer as I am to it as an employee. I am proud to be a member of the Pyramid team.


How would you describe the atmosphere at PY?

I really appreciate the fact that there is a face for every name here. I can talk to my colleagues at eye level at any time, even across locations. People know each other. That creates a personal and friendly atmosphere that I like.


Your 3 things for the desert island, what would they be?

  • Salt
  • My ukulele.
  • A sun hat! Indispensable with my “hairstyle”.


If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

I would love to be the mighty “vacuum cleaner man”! Is there anything more annoying than dusting? Seriously! A quick flick of the finger and the dust is gone. If you think about it really hard, that’s the only useful superpower. No discussion.


 If you could work in another department for a day, where would it be and why?

After 13 years working in Quality Management, I have many fond memories associated with this department. I would jump in and help out here again anytime.


 Either-or questions:

Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? – Bill Gates

Dog or cat? – Cat

Short or long pants? – Short pants

Star Wars or Star Trek? – Star Trek

Beer or carrot juice? – Carrot juice

Apple ro Android? – Android

Xbox or Playstation? – Playstation

Soccer or …? – Or!