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Business Administration Trainees Visit the Customs Office

On 12-12-2022, we B.A. trainees, Sarah, Joel, Patricia and Melissa (industrial clerks), visited the customs office in Freiburg with our trainer Annika and our colleagues Florian and Emelie.

Mr. Kammin, the head of the customs office, welcomed us and took us to a meeting room. Then Mr. Burger, the head of the export department, joined us.

Both of them informed us about the tasks of the customs office and about key data for the Freiburg customs office specifically.

But why does Pyramid even need to work with customs? Well, some of the components we incorporate in our systems come from third countries (non-EU countries). Also, we have customers in third countries that we supply with our products. This is where customs comes into play: they inspect goods before they’re exported and ask, for example, what their purpose will be. Customs also takes a close look at embargoed countries (like Russia) and makes sure that the goods are allowed to be shipped to the country in question at all.


Did you know:

  • that the Freiburg customs office has been in existence since 2003, and that it is a merger of the Müllheim and Emmendingen customs offices?
  • the customs office in Freiburg is responsible for 3 districts?
  • the main customs office is located in Lörrach?
  • the customs office is subordinate to the federal administration?

The customs office in Freiburg has several departments:
Imports/mail processing, motor vehicle taxes, exports/export processing.

The exports department is mainly concerned with export controls and issuing the export documentation for goods. Before the export documentation is provided by customs, goods are not allowed to leave customs. The customs office has the right to carry out controls to check whether the economic agents involved have complied with the applicable rules.

In our plant in Amt Wachsenburg and in Freiburg, there have also been customs inspections before exports could be effected. Thanks to our logistics team in Amt Wachsenburg and Freiburg, the goods were always inspected quickly by customs and left our plant on time.

The embargo issue is also a major consideration in export control. According to Mr. Kammin, there has been a lot of work in recent months because of the embargo against Russia.

Mail processing/imports is responsible for import processing of goods coming from third countries.

Many private persons who want to pick up their parcels from third countries come to the customs office in Freiburg every day. We from Pyramid have also been to the customs office in Freiburg to pick up packages. On site at the customs office, the import declaration has to be completed with help from the officials, and the import VAT has to be paid. Alternatively, the import declaration can be prepared in advance on the Internet and taken to the customs office.

Customs also inspect goods that are being imported. Among other things, they check whether the goods are importable at all. Particular attention is paid to the brand: Is it really a brand article or is it a counterfeit? In the case of pharmaceuticals, they also take a very close look. The photo shows seized goods. And finally, certain goods may be subject to customs duties, which must be paid.

Tariffs can arise or change as a result of political situations. So it’s always smart to keep an eye on current political developments. There are also countries with which the EU has trade agreements, which means there may be concessions on imports.

During the tour, we visited the mail processing and the export department.

In a nutshell: If customs wants to inspect goods, they will do so!

It was nice to get to know our local contact persons in customs personally and to exchange ideas. We’re looking forward to continuing good cooperation with the customs office Freiburg in 2023.

Thanks to Emelie and Flo, and especially thanks to Annika for organizing this.

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I hope you enjoyed the read.

Best, Melissa

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