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Our Culture

"The strength of the team
lies within the individual,
and the strength of the individual
lies within the team."

Phil Jackson
Former US basketball coach, maker of champions

You're engaged! You get involved! Together we'll be successful!

Our formula for success has been “customized hardware and services” for more than 35 years.

To make sure that the formula succeeds every day, speed, creativity and absolute reliability towards our customers are needed.

Do you want to leverage your skills to contribute to our continued success? Do you want to grow with us and continue to develop? Then apply here NOW!

How? It’s easy: the instructions are right here! We’re looking forward to your application!

The DNA of Our Success

Agile. Creative. Reliable.


The faster we implement a customer's vision, idea or project, the greater the impact that solution has on the market.

We accelerate the development and production processes by having a contact person accompany the customer throughout the project, supporting them from kickoff to rollout, whenever and wherever necessary.

Our agility is also based on a network of proven suppliers, manufacturers and logistics providers. We call on them as needed for high volumes to ensure production and rollout in the shortest possible time.


As experts in technology, design and services, we know that innovative solutions tailored to the application are the key to success.

Our customers' visions, ideas and plans inspire our creativity to create products and services that fit as precisely as a tailor-made glove. Depending on the specific requirements, the result will be a standardized or customized solution.

In either case, it will be highly efficient and, as an important link in the value chain, maximize our customer's return on investment.


Our customers' appreciation is a result of our close cooperation with them, of our enthusiasm for their visions, ideas and plans, and of the products and services we create for them.

The products we develop are characterized by innovative technologies and designs; our manufacturing by high and constant quality; our services by comprehensive advice and support.

With this range of customer services, we've earned our customers' trust for more than 35 years. They make us and we make them successful.

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The Application Process

deine Unterlagen im Bewerbungspross / Kultur

Your documents

Please submit your documents only through our applicant portal. We’ve set it up to make the application process as easy as possible for both sides. Go to the portal by clicking the link in each job posting We’ve set it up to make the application process as easy as possible for both sides. Go to the portal by clicking the link in each job posting

Applicant portal

Each job posting has an “Apply” button in the top right corner. Click it to go to the application form. Fill out all of the fields and then click “Select file” to attach the documents that you want us to get excited about.

Deine Bewerbung / Kultur
Terminvereinbarung / Kultur

Interview appointment

If we like your application, our HR department will contact you by phone to arrange an appointment for an interview. The interview will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform.

First interview

You’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself and ask the questions that are important to you in a virtual meeting. We’ll explain the details of the position and what requirements are associated with it.

Erstes Gespräch / Kultur
Zweites Gespräch / Kultur

Second interview

You’re interested in us? We’re interested in you?
That means it’s high time for the second interview. It will take place at our company, either at headquarters in Freiburg or at the production and logistics site in Amt Wachsneburg and Witzenhausen.
At the second interview, we’ll get into the details Depending on the job profile, you’ll also meet the coworkers in the department and/or we’ll give you a tour.

Done all that? You're hired!

Both sides have become even more enthusiastic at your second interview? Then it’s time to discuss your employment contract in detail. And once everything is clear, we say:


Still have questions?

Contact Mariola in the HR department:

Mariola Mrowka
Boetzinger Strasse 60
79111 Freiburg
0761 49 761 4514 323