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You want to know what Pyramid is all about and what challenges await you? Then just browse through the interviews of the individual departments!

We chatted for you with colleagues from the technical and commercial areas and asked them: about their career before Pyramid, why they chose Pyramid, about their tasks and their understanding of work, what they appreciate about Pyramid and how they perceive the atmosphere at Pyramid.

You will find answers to many of your questions in the interviews: They provide exciting insights into and experiences from everyday work in the departments.

With a click on details you get to the department of your choice. There you will find the interviews of the employees and – if one or more positions in the team are vacant – the job postings. Who knows: Maybe you will get to know your future colleagues through the interviews!

Have fun browsing and reading…


Working at Product Management & Development

Product Management

Where theory meets practice,
so that the future becomes reality!

Hannah working at the HR department

Human Resources

A company is so
good as its employees

Sales Manager


What doesn't come through here,
does not get through anywhere.

sales meeting


Where there is for each request
the right offer is available.

Production & Logistics

Here, digitization
built and shipped!


Here everyone is motivated to do so,
Pulling together

Order Processing

Where manufacturing & shipping are organized

Customer Service

Where care is taken!