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Digitalization is built and shipped here!

Ichtershausen in Thuringia is Pyramid Computer GmbH’s production plant in Germany, along with Freiburg in Baden-Württemberg and Witzenhausen in Hesse.

The POLYTOUCH® brand self-service terminals and the AKHET® brand industrial computers and servers are manufactured here.

Ichtershausen is also responsible for logistics: from here, products are shipped to domestic and international destinations (Germany, Europe and overseas). In addition, the facility serves as a warehouse for individual parts and spare components.

With its broad spectrum of tasks, Ichtershausen is an essential component of Pyramid’s corporate structure. Pyramid’s growth strength is dependent upon the performance of its facility in Thuringia.

Because of this, production capacity has recently been expanded by adding to one of the halls, and a new supply chain management project called Wir.21 has been initiated.

With its persuasive business model in the future-oriented IT sector, Pyramid Computer GmbH is an attractive employer, both in central and southern Germany.

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Enrico Dietz Produktion & Logistik

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