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Ichtershausen – Pyramid’s Production and Logistics Facility – Episode 3

Hello dear reader,

glad to have you back for Episode 3!

All the work done in Pre-Assembly, Assembly and Installation is subjected to a final inspection by QA in accordance with the 4-eyes principle.

Do the screw connections of components look exactly as they do in the job instruction Assembly used to mount them? Is the cabling correct? Do the actual entries in the log file generated by Installation correspond to the targets specified in the QA reference file? And on and on…

We trainees helped out in visual quality control: Did the housing paint get damaged during the manufacturing process? Are the nameplates and labels straight?

Once a device has been approved by QA, it moves over to Logistics. There are instructions for each product as to how it is to be prepared for shipment.

Above left, you can see four industrial computers waiting to be packaged. In the photo on the right, one of them is already safely packed for shipping. It’s quite a tricky job to get a device like this into the correct position within its box. And it’s even more challenging when an entire kiosk terminal has to be packed. That’s when the expertise of Florian is needed!

We trainees packed like world champions, stacked boxes on pallets and banded them, so that the freight won’t get loose during transport.

By the way: Ichtershausen’s location is ideal for shipping things quickly to the rest of the world. It’s less than 90 miles from the Leipzig/Halle airport with its global DHL hub. Approximately 50 destinations in Europe, Asia and America are served directly from the Leipzig hub.>


Oh, we almost forgot! Oh, we almost forgot! We also made ourselves useful in the commissioning department, called Kommi for short.

The Kommi is the place where the creation of a device begins. The employees there remove components from the warehouse according to a parts lists and provide them to Pre-Assembly and Assembly, so that they can begin assembling them.

Below left, Kardelen is busy looking for a part using the parts list on the clipboard. The box in the photo to the right already contains some components.

If care is not taken during picking, the colleagues in Pre-Assembly and Assembly can’t start or continue assembling the product. That’s bad! That’s why we paid close attention, so no sand gets into the gearbox.<p>

Conclusion 😊

For us newbies when it comes to production and logistics, it was fascinating to see how a ready-to-use product is created in Ichtershausen from countless individual parts.

And it wasn’t until we helped out in the logistics department that we really figured out what an amazing job Pyramid and its 150 employees do every day.

On the shipping boxes, we read names everyone knows: a world leader in the precision optics industry, the world’s second-largest sporting goods manufacturer, the world’s largest discount-store chain, the world’s largest restaurant chain, a well-known online price comparison portal, a federal cybersecurity company…

We now know: From tranquil Freiburg and even more tranquil Ichtershausen, we at Pyramid contribute to digitalization all over the world. Every day, many people on every continent come into contact with our technologies: at the optometrist, shopping for groceries, shopping for fashion, in burger restaurants, on the Internet hunting for bargains… Wow!

We’re already looking forward to helping to write Pyramid’s success story after the end of our training: as an order processing clerk (Vivi) and as an accounting clerk (Kardelen).

We are Pyramid! 😊